Theta Healing 

After the accident that stopped my life, I tried a lot of different types of treatments and therapies.  
And some were better than others. 

Theta healing differs from most other healing forms, in two aspects. 
Firstly, the healing energy, is not transmitted through the healer. thereby the healer does not filter or color the energy.
Secondly, the healing energy, is not borrowed from somebody or somewhere where you will owe something in return. 
It comes from the nature source itself. Thereby you might say, it's karmicly free. 

In addition it is very exact, so we firstly define what needs to be changed. 
Then with the clients' permission, that issue is changed. 
In my experience - the impact its outstanding.  

So how does this relate to yoga?
Let's look at the inside and backside of your thighs. I was going for it, and wanted my legs apart.  
I did hard yoga, soft yoga, warm yoga, fast yoga, slow yoga, periods with massive amount of yoga, 
other times more laid back. I met a lot of teachers who all taught me from different styles and angles. 
During these years, my legs went from about 85 degrees to 95. see Pic. 1


I was a bit discouraged about this, and came across a video about compression, meaning bones crashing. 
So that's what is happening in me, this means I cannot get my legs apart.
I then lost all interest in the matter.  Well, I was up for a surprise,
over the course of 7 months I had 15 rounds of Theta healing addressing other issues.
I did no yoga poses to get my feet further apart. And one day I just slided apart, 
a few weeks later it stabilized at Pic. 2.

This is a visual example of the Theta-healing's side effect on me.
Theta-healing is not instead of yoga.
Theta-healing addresses physical / psychological issues as well as historical events,
that may not be accessible through yoga.
It heals serious, simple and emotional problems.
It only requires you to be honest and willing to see yourself. 

I am now a certified Theta-healer and sessions can be booked on sms 90 84 84 12 Cost is 600.-