At Presence Yoga, we promote an energetic, friendly and non-competitive atmosphere. The teaching emphasis is on breathing, alignment, and safe technique.

Students are encouraged to develop sensitivity and awareness in their practice, which will enable them realize their potential. Hands on adjustments may be given by the teacher to facilitate this process. The environment is ideally suited to cultivating these elements, with a heated oak floor for optimum practice temperatures. 


We offer different styles and levels: 

-Heather's yoga-

A nice class, not too demanding.

-Ashtanga yoga-

A well known fixed set of asanas. 

-Vinyasa yoga-

After some time in the ashtanga regime, you might love this freedom, to complex asana work and teacher training.

-Yin yoga-

We offer two weekly classes of yin yoga - yin right after work and dynamic yin. Both are suitable for all levels and are very relaxing, refreshing and deep.

-Full moon yoga-

When the full moon rises on the dark night sky, yoga philosophy and nature call for an even slower yoga practice. Day and time vary from month to month - look for info! Or text Gunn Helene 93 21 74 13.


Suitable for new mothers with babies. More info to come!


-Teraputic Yoga- 

Gaute specializes in back care problems and hold lectures.

-Private Classes- 

You may book private tuition with any of our instructors directly.

-Weekend Courses-

 We hold courses throughout the year in different levels. 

-Teacher Training-

at PRESENCE yoga is a sandbox where you can sort out your current needs and stay in an environment to facilitate your evolution. It is based on what is needed, rather than a pre-set fixed set of instructions. The main focus is understanding asana technique and safe adjustments.